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4 Days In Singapore – Day 3

Today was the day all about action, shows, colour, characters, fast rides, getting wet and fun! Yes, today was Universal Studios Singapore day!

I seriously didn’t think the kids would have any energy left after the jam packed two days we had already had, but turns out they had plenty more energy to go round. They bounced out of bed, packed their bags and wanted to get breakfast done as quickly as possible.

We checked out of our Kampung Hut (click to read more about it) and left our bags with reception for the day. Then we did what many travelling families do at least once per trip, we went to McDonalds for breakfast. The kids were in a hurry to get to Universal and it was quick and easy. If you are looking for a bacon and egg muffin to start your day then you’ll have to forgo your bacon as it doesn’t exist in a Singapore McDonalds! What you will find is a substitute called chicken ham.

We jumped on the Sentosa Express to Waterfront Station and then walked to Universal Studios. I had pre-booked our tickets via Klook to not only get a discount but to also have them digitally saved on my phone with no need to print. You can book your tickets via our affiliate link with Klook here.

Universal Studios Singapore

Welcome to Universal Studios Singapore

With a rainbow welcome and buzzing main street we knew we were in for an awesome day!

It was hot and humid (of course) and I was concerned about the queues. It was great to see that many of the queue lines had misting fans and water fountains for a quick drink to cool off and help pass the time. The queues are long so the Universal Express Pass is worth considering. The Universal Express Pass will give you priority queuing for participating rides.

Universal Studios Singapore

First ride – Madagascar

We bounced from land to land and enjoyed shows, rides and more shows. Our absolute favourite was WaterWorld™. What an incredible show!

WaterWorld™ Universal Studios Singapore

WaterWorld™ Universal Studios Singapore

Based on the blockbuster film, “Waterworld”, witness a tidal wave of death-defying stunts, along with thrills and spills from real explosions of fire and water at this sensational live water show.

If you choose to sit in the splash zone then be warned, you will get significantly wet! Also prepare the kids for loud noises, fireballs, people ‘falling to their deaths’ and large flying objects. A quick chat about this not being real, everything is just pretend and all the characters will come out at the end to wave goodbye, sure does help. Don’t let this turn you off, it really is amazing to watch and my kids loved it in the end. Be sure to check the show times on arrival so you don’t miss it.

Universal Studios Singapore

There are many food options available at Universal Studios but the restaurants are very busy. To avoid walking around looking for a table with trays of food then split up and get one parent to get food while the other stalks tables and pounces the second one looks available!

Trolls Topia Show

Trolls Topia Show

Our last show for the day was the Trolls Topia show that was showing for a limited season. It was a pretty amazing main street show and we can’t wait to see what show Universal Studios Singapore bring out next.

Universal Studios Singapore

Peace out Universal and thanks for a fab day!

Time to collect our bags and head back to the city and to a new hotel, yummy food and more adventures. Stay tuned…

If you’ve just joined us on our Singapore adventure then make sure you head over to check out Day 1 and Day 2 of our travels.

Singapore Day 3

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