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5 Essentials For Travelling Kids

I’m often asked by parents about what essential items will they need when travelling with their kids. Of course there are things that you know they will need while your away but what things will the kids really enjoy having with them.

Here are my top 5:

  1. Camera – So often its us taking the photos of the kids but why not let them get behind the lens. It is amazing seeing what they thought was great and photo worthy plus it gives you a chance to look back over the photos of the day and talk about the things they saw. It doesn’t matter if your trekking around Europe, on a relaxing island holiday or road tripping locally – a camera is always exciting for them, after all, they see us taking photos on our phones all the time these days! There are simple digital cameras that are inexpensive and can be purchased from many major retailers. When you get home you can then use their photos and make a photo book for show and tell at school or just for their memories.


Jasper taking photos while driving through the French countryside.

  1. Notebook and Pencils – Wether it be to have the kids write a journal throughout your trip or to whip out while eating out at a restaurant, a notebook and pencils never goes astray!If your feeling creative before you leave then why not stick some pictures inside of things you may see on your trip and create a game of ‘spotto’ while you travel.

  1. Backpack – Having their own bag can make kids feel so grown up and they love to fill it with little things they collect along the way. My kids love to find brochures or collect tickets from places we visit and then use them in their scrapbook when we get home. They also love to collect sea shells at the beach or trinkets at the markets. I love that they put their findings in their own bag as it means it not buried in the bottom of mine!


Jasper rocking out with his little backpack on.

  1. Comforter or Small Toy – For the moments when they are tired and have just hand enough but you are still a little while away from where you are staying. Something they love that is familiar makes life all the better in that moment! For my son, Jasper (3), its his ‘blanky’ (a small blanket he’s had since he was born) and for my daughter, Bailee (5), it’s usually a small soft toy that she loves and can cuddle for a moment. Older kids may have a favourite book that they can chill out with. Each kid usually has something so ensure it goes into the backpack ready for those moments!

Bailee and her little dog she would cuddle when tired.

Bailee and her little dog she would cuddle when tired.

  1. Snacks – Don’t ever leave the house without food! A little bag of snacks goes a long way (or maybe not if your kids are like Jasper and finish them 5 minutes after leaving!). I know this is something you would pack anyway but why not try and hide little treats in their bags to make it fun. After all, it is a holiday right? And whats a holiday without a treat or two! For older kids, a little spending money is always fun too.

So they are my 5 simple things that are useful and fun for kids that travel. As always, each kid is different so hopefully this list will get you thinking about what little things your kids may like to travel with.

Safe travels – Jen x

If you have any questions or found these ideas helpful then let me know! Just fill out the form below and we can’t wait to hear from you.






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