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Bailee Talks All Things Spriggy

We love checking out new kids products, especially those that work in so well with our travel lifestyle. This time, instead of you hearing from me and my thoughts, I thought I’d have a quick chat with Bailee and get her thoughts on this fab product we’ve been checking out for a few months now.

As you can see, Spriggy has been welcomed into our family and Bailee loves using it. We love that it is such an easy way for us to manage Bailee’s money as well as set goals for her to achieve.


Teaching our kids the value of money in this fast paced and accessible world sure is tricky and I’m thankful we’ve been able to use Spriggy to help us out as we navigate this with Bailee.


Jasper is hanging to turn 6 and get his Spriggy card! With only 2 months to go he has already planned what he wants to save for and how he is going to become rich. Ha! Clearly we still have work to do with him, but we’ll let him dream for now.

We also have a special offer thanks to Spriggy. By clicking on one of the Spriggy links included and by using the code TWAK18 you will receive $5 to get you started! We also receive $5 at no extra cost to you. First month is free, so why not check it out today!


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