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Budget Boutique in the Heart of Sydney

It’s not too often that the words budget, boutique and Sydney find themselves in the same sentence but I took on the challenge and found a way to make it possible. Budget hotels are so often very clinical and basic so when I found the Pensione Hotel Sydney I was pleasantly surprised that it had so much character, history and a real boutique feel about it and all for a very reasonable price.

The Pensione is a couple of blocks up from Town Hall Station and an easy walk to Central Station. If you’re arriving by train, especially from the airport, then it’s a simple one to get too.

Pensione Hotel Sydney Reception
Pensione Hotel Sydney Family Suite
Pensione Hotel Guest Lounge

On the ground floor of the Sussex St entrance is a delicious Asian street food restaurant called Mrs Chan’s Kitchen. The food is so good, well priced and conveniently 30 seconds away from my hotel room!

Mrs Chan's Kitchen Sydney

Crispy Pork and Dry Noodle – Mrs Chan’s Kitchen


Why I think this hotel is good for families – It is a 3 star budget hotel making it affordable for a city stay – Family rooms are available – Location is central with plenty of restaurants and supermarkets close by – Guest lounge is great for families to chill out and have a meal instead of sitting in a restaurant – Kids under 3 stay free (in existing bedding) – Lift access for prams and luggage


We had a pleasant 2 night stay at the Pensione Hotel Sydney and look forward to staying there again. If you would like more information on the Pensione Hotel then please feel free to ask.

Planning a trip to Sydney? Get in contact and I can help you plan your trip.

Safe travels,

Jen x

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