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Bailee and Bunchems

Today we got the chance to build with and experience the wonderful world of Bunchems!

I wanted to review this product to see if it would be one to add to the list of fun things to entertain kids while you are travelling.

I am please to say that I really think Bunchems are a great toy to take on holidays with you.


So what are they?

Bunchems are little plastic balls which are spiky like ‘burrs’ that stick together and can be built into anything you can think of. We have the Mega Pack which has over 400 pieces including body parts, hats, glasses and wings!

Why travel with them?

I picture kids sitting around the campsite and, instead of watching/playing a device or getting sick of cards and board games, they can be creating a world of things with their Bunchems. This new way of combining construction and craft is so clever and the best part is that they are fully reusable with no mess!

Bunchems can also be a great in-flight/in-car entertainer. Even though they are small, because they stick together so well it is hard to drop them. Bailee and her friend spent a couple of hours creating with Bunchems today and only once did they drop one on the floor. Compared to the other little toys and things that they love to carry, Bunchems are a lot less messy.

I think a simple way to travel with Bunchems is to keep them in a small ziplock bag and if your like me, colour sort them too! I also recommend using a shallow rectangle container when creating with Bunchems in the car.

Bagged and ready to go!

Bagged and ready to go!

Keeping kids imaginations alive and helping them continue to be creative can be a challenge these days. That is why I love products like Bunchems, they are a fantastic way to keep their imagination alive and creativity flowing!

I’m sure you have all heard of the hair issue when it comes to Bunchems, but as a supervised toy and with the right precautions in place (hair tied back) then they are no issue at all. Should they get stuck then watch this video to see how to get them out.

Next time your heading away and are considering what to pack to entertain the kids while in transit or the dreaded rain day, then check out Bunchems.

‘I am having so much fun with Bunchems. I especially like creating words and animals, they are my favourite!’ – Bailee, 5yrs

If you can think it, you can create it!

If you can think it, you can create it!


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