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Christmas Travel Essentials and Gift Guide 2018

Over the year we have come across some pretty cool products that would make the perfect gift for a little traveller or essentials (or super handy to have!) when the little traveller is in tow. I’ve put together a list of these products that we have tried and tested as some ideas for this Summer and Christmas season. Each and every product has been personally road tested by myself, Bailee (8 years) and Jasper (6 years). We hope you find it useful!

Gift Ideas

Tiger Tribe Travel Kits

Travel kits from our friends at Tiger Tribe to keep those little hands busy whether you are on the road, in a plane or eating out these Summer holidays. We had the opportunity to review the following sets:

Foil Art – Princess Gowns

Princess Gowns is all about creating the prettiest, sparkliest, shimmery-shiny princess ball gown, EVER! Six gorgeous holographic foil rolls to choose from and at the end the perfect gown for the Royal Ball!

Foil Art is the ideal, no-mess crafting activity for creative kids. Simply select your favourite foil roll, peel back a white section to reveal the adhesive sticker, then rub on the foil (coloured side up), repeat the process until you’ve finished the design and voila! A beautiful artwork!

A must-have item for when mum or dad need some time out at the cafe. And perfect for keeping little hands busy when travelling. And at just 16cm(w) x 24cm(h) each compact set is the ideal size to throw in your bag before you head out the door.

Each Foil Art Set includes:

• 5 adhesive templates • 2 stencil sheets • 6 foiled rolls • instruction booklet

Suitable age 5+

Available from and other stockists

RRP: $20 AUD

Bailee’s Review: I love this set because I can be creative and make my own style of dresses AND it is so easy to pack away! I really like craft that I can do when travelling.

Mum’s Thoughts: I loved this set. Such a fun idea and super pretty pictures. Very portable and non messy which would make it perfect for plane and car travel.

Foil Art Set Tiger Tribe

Postcard Kit – Hello

Postcard Kit Friends is the perfect way to treat your friends and family to a special message, sent from your holiday destination but made by you! Loads of creative colouring, positive greeting messages and heaps of fun stickers to add your own individual touch. Space on the back to write a personal message too.

This kit contains everything you need to create 30 gorgeous custom-coloured postcards, all packaged up in a self-contained box, with a magnetic flap to keep the contents safely stored.  A must-have item for holiday craft sessions, sending post-party thank-yous, and perfect for taking with you when travelling. At just 14(w) x 21cm(h) each compact set is the ideal size to throw in your bag before you head out the door.

The Postcard Kit contains:

• 30 printed postcards to colour in • 5 sticker sheets • 10 coloured markers

Suitable for ages 5+

Available from and other stockists

RRP: $20 AUD

Bailee’s Review: These are really fun to do. I can be anywhere in the world and can create and send my friends postcards. It is an easy set to use and comes with everything you need, you just need to buy the stamps!

Mum’s Thoughts: Bailee has loved this set, especially during the school holidays as she has been writing postcards to all her friends at school. This set has kept her entertained while sitting at a restaurant and also while watching the rain when on holidays. There is also something to be said about good old fashion letter/postcard writing!

Postcard Kit Hello Tiger Tribe

Charm Design Kit – Cross Stitch

A delightful take on traditional cross stitch kits, this is the perfect beginner’s set for kids. Watch them make awesome presents for friends and family or create their very own handmade pieces.

Each set includes everything you need to make your own key chains and necklaces — simply choose your wooden charm design (heart, ice-cream or cat), follow the simple instructions and get stitching.

Cross-stitching provides a great alternative to screen time, promoting mindfulness and proven relaxation and de-stressing effects for kids.

Each set includes:

• 3 lasercut, pre-punched plywood charms • Kid-safe plastic needle • 4 coloured threads • 1 key ring clip • 2  necklace cords • Connectors and joiners • Easy to follow pictorial instructions

Suitable 8+

Available from retail stockists and coming soon to

RRP: $20 AUD

Bailee’s Review: I didn’t know how to cross stitch before I got this set and although I needed Mum’s help a bit I really like this set and the cute things I made.

Mum’s Thoughts: I love that the traditional cross stitch has become trendy again by way of this cute little set from Tiger Tribe. If you have a little creative like I do then this set is perfect to keep this hands busy when on the road or in the air. I would recommend packing the contents into a small bag (or The Last Berry Bag Organiser, see further down this post) to keep everything together and make it less bulky to travel with.

Charm Design Kit Tiger Tribe

Pocket Kites – Dragon

Pocket Kites are the take-anywhere activity, a perfect first kite for kids and they look amazing in the air. Light, easy to launch and fly, these compact kites are frameless, working on the parafoil principle with pockets sewn into the wings that fill with air to create lift. Because they have no rigid frames crash landings are gentle and relaunch super simple. And when you are done pack up is a cinch — simply fold down into the zip up pouch.

Made from tear resistant ripstop nylon, the compact zip pocket makes this the perfect pack-in-your-bag kite for holiday fun. Wing span (when open) is 50cm x 40cm (+ double tail). Suitable ages 3+

Available from retail stockists and available soon from

RRP: $16 AUD

Jasper’s Review: It was so much fun to play with down on the beach. The kite flew so high in the wind.

Mum’s Thoughts: Such a cute little kite that worked perfectly on a windy beach. It’s the simple childhood delights, such as flying a kite, that make for the best memories. It if gets too windy then the string may snap although nothing a simple knot can’t fix.

Pocket Kite Tiger Tribe

Penalty Shoot Out – Soccer Game

Calling all soccer fans! Time to report for competitive drill sessions with Tiger Tribe’s Penalty Shoot-Out!

Challenge yourself against friends and family or practice your solo skills, these sets are super fun and super portable. Take them with you, wherever you go… challenge your dad, challenge your mum, challenge your mates. Who will be the ultimate winner?

Each Penalty Shoot-Out set includes:

• 1 mini soccer ball • 1 goal with net • 1 ball catapult • 1 goalie on stick • 1 score sheet pad

Suitable 5+

Available from retail stockists and available soon from

RRP: $20 AUD

Jasper’s Review: I thought this game was cool. I had fun playing it with my sister. I like being the goalie and stopping the goals.

Mum’s Thoughts: Perfect for someone who is a little on the competitive side. Great little game to take away with you but not one for the car or plane unless you want to spend hours looking for the little ball under seats! I picture this as a camping, holiday house or hotel game. Loads of fun was had in our family.

Penalty Shoot Out Tiger Tribe

Colouring Set – Neon Outer Space

Small books. BIG fun!

These beautifully illustrated Colouring Sets are jam-packed with activities, coloured markers and stickers. All designed to keep tigers happy on the go. Everything you need in one self-contained box, with a magnetic flap to keep contents safely stored. Designed for easy portable play, Tiger Tribe’s Colouring Sets provide a welcome alternative to screen time, promoting mindfulness, relaxation and de-stressing effects. And at just 14(w) x 21cm(h) each compact set is the ideal size to throw in your bag before you head out the door.

This set contains:

• 36 colouring-in pages • 2 handy storage drawers • 3 sheets of stickers • 3 quality double sided markers

Suitable for ages 5+

Available from and other stockists

RRP: $20 AUD

Jasper’s Review: I like the space pictures, bright colours and stickers. I like that the pages are black and that the colours stick out lots because of that.

Mum’s Thoughts: This is a great colouring set and I often sat with Jasper and coloured in with him because I liked it so much. The neon colours pop so well with the black background and the stickers were great to make each picture extra creative. Jasper has really loved this set. He’s taken it everywhere with him and it’s kept him quiet on many occasion. This one will be coming with us on our next flight for sure.

Neon Colouring Set Tiger Tribe

Smiggle Stocking Fillers

Smiggle stores are a kids wonderland and you could imagine how excited they would be to find some of their Smiggle favourites in their Christmas Stocking this year. Here are a few Smiggle products we’ve checked out recently.

Smiggle Goo Loo Keyring

Our Smiggle Goo Loo now comes as a rude-noise-making keyring! Simply create an air pocket in the goo and press your thumb into the toilet to hear the gas bag sound effects! The gross sounds will keep you entertained wherever you go.

Available from

RRP: $5.95

Jasper’s Review: I think I drove Mum crazy with all the fluff noises I was making with the Mini Goo Loo. It’s so much fun!

Mum’s Thoughts: This is a toy that only a child can appreciate! Squelching and fart noises are totally up my kids alley and not so much mine. Not a toy I’d take on a plane but great for a camping trip as the kids can play fart jokes to their heart’s content in wide open spaces!

Loo Goo Mini Smiggle

Shark Alphabet Keyring

Calling all shark fans! Personalise your bag with these awesome scented, alphabet keyrings. Collect your initials or buy one for your bestie.

Available from:

RRP: $7.95

Bailee’s Review: I love decorating my school bag and making it my own but it also helps me to know which bag is mine! Check out all of the really cool keyrings from Smiggle, they are great decoraters.

Mum’s Thoughts: Keyrings are a great way to personalise your kids backpacks and these little guys are super cute and robust.

Shark Alphabet Keyring Smiggle

Scented Bonbon Highlighter Pack

Each highlighter is scented and dual ended. Plus they smell yummy for extra fun highlighting! Comes in a handy travel case and their mini size make them perfect for your backpack.

Available from

RRP: $12.95

Bailee’s Review: Oh I love the smell of these highlighters, they smell so good! Plus they are little and fit in my backpack easily.

Mum’s Thoughts: Little highlighters in a handy travel case that have a very sweet smell about them, so beware in enclosed spaces. Kids love them though and they went down a treat in our house!

Scented Bon Bon Highlighters Smiggle

Tri Barrel Markers

These 24 triangle shaped coloured markers are the perfect accessory for all your art needs, plus they come in a handy carry case! Great for little fingers learning how to hold a pencil or pen correctly.

Available from

RRP: $19.95

Jasper’s Review: I like having my very own set of textas that I can take on holidays with me in their special case. They are also my favourite shape and are easy to hold.

Mum’s Thoughts: I really like theses markers, especially as they are the tri barrel. Tri barrel makes learning to hold your pen or pencil correctly really easy and great for kids who are about to start school. We’ve had great success with tri barrel markers in the past and had teachers comment on our kids great pen holding skills! They also come in a handy travel case.

Trimarkers Smiggle

League Alpha Sequin A5 Notebook

Make everyday notes extra fun with this reversible sequin alphabet notebook! Choose your initials or favourite letters for a personalised touch.

A5 size 14.8cm x 21cm Pages include date, mood & weather icons 160 lined pages (80 sheets) Elastic closure & pen loop

Available from

RRP: $26.95

Mum’s Thoughts: If you know me then you’d know I love a good notebook, especially one that makes for a great travel diary. Each page has a space for the date and emojis to select your mood and the weather. I love that! Great for kids documenting their adventures. The sequins are great at keeping fidgety fingers occupied too.

Leauge Alpha Sequin A5 Notebook Smiggle

V-Tech Favourites This Christmas

With a huge range of clever, fun toys to choose from, V-Tech will help you pop the perfect Christmas present under the tree, for the kids in your life. We’ve had the chance to check out two of V-Tech’s hot toys for this Christmas so keep reading to find out more.

Secret Safe Diary Colour

Protect all of your secrets without worry with the Secret Safe Diary Colour. The colour screen makes your diary and personal organiser really stand out, whilst the voice unlock system that only responds to your voice, will keep everyone out. With 20 different activities, including three virtual pets for you to look after, lots of great games that cover words, maths, logic and more, your secrets will be safe. A QWERTY keyboard, voice memo, alarm clock, address book and more, makes this the must-have modern- day diary. The Secret Safe Diary Colour is suitable for children 6-11 years.

RRP: $59.95 – currently $49 at Kmart

Available at

Bailee’s Thoughts: I love my Secret Safe Diary and that it opens to the sound of my own voice (and not my brothers!). I also really like the games and activities in the diary such as the crossword and pet game as well as creating my own diary entries. I take it everywhere!

Mum’s Thoughts: I really wasn’t sure about this one and if it would work as a product that kids could travel with but when they just don’t put it down and it keeps them entertained for hours I figured you needed to know about it! Bailee has been recording and typing memos about her days and adventures as well as keeping entertained but the games included. The volume can be turned down and off which is great as there is no headphone jack and I didn’t want it driving me crazy in the car or on a plane. She’s been loving that her brother can’t access it at all because of the voice recognition to unlock but the deal is that I must know the overriding access code because we don’t do secrets. She is loving the games and activities in the diary and it’s pretty much been living in the car as she takes it everywhere! Bailee is currently 8 years old and I reckon this is perfect for her right now. This one has been a hit!

vTech Secret Safe Diary Colour

Kidizoom Action Cam 180°

The Kidizoom® Action Cam 180° is a light and multi-functional action
camera for kids. Take great photos and shoot exciting videos on the
move, choosing from lots of cool visual effects. Play through three
fantastic games, or create fun stop motion, slow motion or fast
motion videos with a great selection of background music to choose
from. Use the time-lapse photo recording function to capture great
and creative actions shots. Includes a waterproof case which allows
you to take underwater photos or great shots in the rain, and mounts
that allow you to attach the camera to a bicycle and more. The
built-in rechargeable battery means you can take photos, videos and play games on the go. So much action in one small camera!
 The Kidizoom Action Cam 180° is suitable for children 5+ years.

Available from

RRP: $89.95

Jasper’s Review: I put my new camera straight onto my bike so I could make videos at the BMX track. It’s so cool! I’ve been having so much fun making videos and taking photos. I also like the games it has on it. I like to play them in the car.

Mum’s Thoughts: My kids love taking photos and we encourage it as it’s great to see the world from their perspective. However, kids are kids and I’m not likely to hand over my expensive cameras for them to play with or take action shots with. That is why I was so excited about the Kidizoom® Action Cam 180° and the various ways they can capture their adventures. Jasper quickly mounted the camera to his helmet and bike for those cool action shots and has been taking it everywhere with him playing the little games that come loaded on the camera too. I often find this little guy in my handbag as Jasper just has to take it everywhere!

Kidizoom Action Cam 180 vTech

Noise Cancelling Headphones by Laser

Perfect for holiday travel or the everyday work commute, these headphones are extremely comfortable to wear. Connect to your device via Bluetooth and switch on the Noise Cancelling feature to block out ambient noise – perfect for airplane travel. When connected via Bluetooth, users can use voice control to play and pause, control previous and next tracks and turn the volume up and down. With a built-in microphone, making and taking calls on the go had never been more convenient!

Available from:

RRP: $89.95

Mum’s Thoughts: I’ve been looking for a good, yet reasonably priced, set of wireless headphones for Jasper for a while now and was stocked to be able to road test Laser’s Noise Cancelling Headphones. Kids have a habit of breaking the wire in a regular set of headphones no matter the price and Jasper is a prime candidate for that! He has used these headphones heaps and loves them. They are comfortable and have great sound quality for their price range. Having the option of putting on the noise cancelling or not is also great. The battery lasts for ages and is rechargeable via USB. This product has been a hit with Jasper and the best part is that they fit all ages, so I can use them too!

Laser's Noise Cancelling Headphones

Travel Essentials


SwimSeal is a unique formulation containing Australia tea tree oil that is applied before exposure to water. SwimSeal creates a waterproof barrier in the ear canal, prevents ear discomfort and infections due to trapped water and leaves the ear naturally and should be reapplied as needed. The drops do not impact hearing or balance, so throw away the ear plugs (and Blu Tack!). With hearing intact, it’s easy to hear what’s going on around you. The drops naturally migrate out of the ear over 2-3 hours, so once they are in, you don’t need to worry about them. Suitable for all ages.

Available from: and selected pharmacies (find you closest via their website)

RRP: $19.99

Mum’s Thoughts: Having two water babies that suffer from constant ear infections you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this product! SwimSeal has taken away the need for ear plugs (that get lost and gross…) and is easy to have stored in the beach or pool bag. The bottle is also under 100mls so perfect to carry on when flying.

Swim Seal

Bio Me Eco Freezable Lunchboxes – PackIt

PackIt is the smartest and simplest way to keep food and drinks cool anywhere. It’s a foldable, FREEZABLE bag that works just like a refrigerator on the go, continually chilling items for hours.  The secret is a special freezable gel built into the walls of the bag. Simply store the entire bag in the freezer overnight. Once the bag is frozen, its walls generate waves of cold air that chill your food and drinks from all sides. No ice packs needed. Ever! PackIt’s patented built-in technology keeps items cool all day without ever needing ice packs. It’s so powerful that it can even drop the temperature of liquids 25 degrees within the first hour. That’s right—it actually makes room-temperature items cold! Best of all, it folds up for compact storage in your freezer and is ready to go when you are. The Freezable Classic Lunch Box is the only horizontal lunch box that chills food for hours. The lunch box’s top-load design makes it easy to pack flat containers like bento boxes. A buckle handle clips onto totes, backpacks or sports bags for convenient travel. There’s also a mesh pocket to fit a small water bottle and a slim zip pocket.

Features: New zip closure locks in cold, dry air inside lunch bag. Handle & adjustable buckle and zip closure. Buckle handle clips easily onto school bags and strollers. Foldable when not in use & can be stored inside your freezer. Built-in patented eco-gel liner, eliminating the need for ice cubes or toxic gel packs. Lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free, non-toxic materials. Keeps contents cool for up to 10 hours (when fully frozen for 8-12 hours). For a completely waste-free lunch combine your lunch bag with our reusable lunch containers or wraps. Interior wipes clean; spot clean exterior.

Available from: and other retailers

RRP: $39.95

Mum’s Thoughts: Brilliant! I know I can’t leave it at that but honestly these lunch boxes are brilliant! Here in Australia things heat up pretty quickly during the day and the thought of my kids eating warm ham sandwiches for lunch freaks me out. So usually I pack 3 ice bricks in their lunchboxes to help keep their food cool only to get 1 maybe 2 back at the end of the day. PackIt is brilliant because the ice bricks are built-in AND they last way longer than the little ice bricks I usually pack. I’ve also been travelling with these as Jasper has to take 3 supplements each day that have to stay in the fridge. I just put them in the PackIt and they’ve stayed cool during our road trips. Perfect!

PackIt Freezeable Lunchbox
PackIt Freezeable Lunchbox

Subo Food Bottle

The Food Bottle is here to save your next holiday. Single-use and reusable squeeze pouches are a mess waiting to happen. Subo allows children to easily sip food from the soft spout, without the need to squeeze. Inside our nifty little invention is a platform that automatically moves up the bottle as the child sips the food directly into their mouths.

Available from and other retailers found via their store search.

RRP: $29.95

Mum’s Thoughts: You know when you come across a product and think to yourself ‘I wish I had that when the kids were babies’, well the Subo Food Bottle is one of those! Such a great product that not only keeps your kids clean when eating soft foods but is reusable and easy to clean! As you know, I don’t have babies anymore but that sure didn’t matter when it came to testing out the Subo Food Bottle. My two (6 and 8) enjoyed mess free smoothies and yogurts during our car trips and not once did I have to worry about them spilling. We’ve loved our Subo Food Bottles and I know you are going to find them so useful too.

Subo Food Bottle

The Last Berry Bag Organisers

Are you struggling to find things inside your bag? Are you spending the better part of 10 minutes searching around in your bag trying to locate your keys, nappies, hand sanitiser or snacks? All this whist multitasking a phone call. To top it all off, the little person in your life is having a mini meltdown. As a Mum you have your hands full with important & more pressing demands than searching through your bag endlessly, struggling, stressing and feeling frustrated.

The Bag Organiser Set helps keep everything in your bag perfectly organised. You will  able to access things quickly and easily without the stress & struggle. You will be relaxed, focused, calm, and happy. You will be enjoying the freedom taking on the day with confidence.

Whats Included: 4* Light weight mesh see through organising pockets 1* Large wet/dry waterproof pocket Wide zips for easy packing and unpacking Side loop and cross body strap

Available from


Mum’s Thoughts: Ever heard the saying that your brain is like web browser and there are 100 tabs open all at the same time. Well, my handbag, beach bag, suitcase and back pack are very much the same! It really doesn’t matter how old your kids get, there is still the need to carry endless amounts of bits and pieces for them, especially when traveling. To help make my bags a lot more organised I’ve been trying out these bag organisers and I love them! Made with great quality materials and great logical sense, these little bags have been such a huge help for me. I love the mesh sides making it easy to see what is in each one. I also love the colour coding making it easy for me to allocate one to each child or contents. The shoulder strap and side loop are perfect added bonuses too. We’ve been using these bags heaps over the past few weeks and I can’t wait to show you how on our Instagram and Facebook page.

The Last Berry Bag Organiser

Knotty Turkish Towels

Knotty Turkish Towels are lightweight, colourful and 100% cotton turkish towels. Kids love them as they are easy to manage and carry! Ranging in different colours and sizes, Knotty Turkish Towels are perfect for every member of the family.

Available from

RRP: Various prices depending on range and style.

Mum’s Thoughts: If you know me then you’ll know my love for Turkish towels. They are the most light weight and versatile travel essential. We use ours as a blanket on a flight and then of course as a towel pool or beach side. They pack small and dry super fast. We’ve loved using our Knotty towels and I’ve fallen in love with the gelato like colours. I also love that they come in kids sizes too!


Wanderloud Photoshoot

You know the feeling you get on holiday? Don’t let that go.

Wanderloud’s holiday photographers will capture it in beautiful photos. You can relax and put your phone down, these are #NotSelfies. No more pressure to capture it all and everybody will be in the picture for once. Imagine! It’s like having a local friend who takes incredible photos.

Available from

RRP: Packages starting from $390 AUD

Mum’s Thoughts: As the one behind the camera most of the time I don’t often find myself in the photos. As a Mum, I love having photos of my whole family and to have those photos captured during one of our travel adventures is just priceless. We had the amazing opportunity to have a family photo shoot done while traveling in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a wonderful morning and memories we will treasure forever. If you would like to see our photos from this amazing shoot then click here. When you book your next photo shoot with Wanderloud, be sure to let them know we sent you! I promise you will get the best service and amazing memories to treasure forever.

Wanderloud / Book a local photographer and travel unplugged

*The World And Kids works in partnership with Wanderloud as our preferred travel photography service. We receive a small commission for referral at no extra cost to you.


Archibold Clutterbuck Educational Series

The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends is a free education platform for children to learn about the world around them. Free from political and social bias the Worldly Adventures platform allows children to get an unbiased look into this amazing world we call home. Archibold Clutterbuck & friends take you on a personal journey through all the 7 continents, exploring amazing countries, meeting incredible people, and having incredible Worldly Adventures.

Available from

RRP: Free! The activities available on the website are free to use. Product is also available to purchase from the website in GBP and shipped from the UK. Products should be ordered soon in the hope they arrive prior to Christmas.

Mum’s Thoughts: You know I’m all about kids learning more about our amazing world, even if they can’t physically see it all. Well, the clever people behind Archibold Clutterbuck have given you a tool to help make that possible. This is a great website that is bright and engaging for kids of all ages and includes some great educational content and free print out activities too! The kids have been excitedly filling our their Continents Explorer Journal that they received from Archibold Clutterbuck. A fantastic resource for little travellers! Head on over to the website and let your kids explore the world with their fingers and enjoy the fun characters that will take them on an adventure.

The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends
The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck & Friends

Well, that’s it for 2018! Another list of fabulous products that we have personally tried and tested for you. Don’t forget to follow our INSTAGRAM account to see all the photos of us using these great products and to give you and idea as to how they can fit into your family and Christmas stocking this year. We also have some great GIVEAWAYS that will be happening on Instagram, so follow us and stay tuned!

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Merry Christmas and Safe Travels!

Jen x

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