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Fly Legs Up – Flight Hammock

Many families want to take advantage of cheap flights and great travel deals but this often requires traveling in economy class. There is nothing wrong with economy class, you just don’t get a few of the creature comforts that the higher classes provide such as more leg room and a simple foot rest! It’s those little things that can make your journey so much more comfortable, not only for you but also for the kids.

So what if I told you that I found a product that helps you to feel comfortable in economy class, reduces leg swelling, is compact to carry AND works perfect for both kids and adults?!

Let me introduce you to Fly Legs Up Flight Hammock. While exploring at a travel expo over the weekend I met Jenny and was introduced to her fabulous product. Even from a quick glance I just knew this product was going to be a winner!

Jenny is a mum of four and a registered nurse. She suffered a lot from the dreaded ‘cankles’ every time she flew, especially since many airlines have removed the foot rests that you used to find at your economy seat. Having your legs hanging down for a prolonged period of time makes it much harder for your body to pump the blood back up and around therefore leaving you with uncomfortable swollen legs, feet and ankles.

Fly Legs Up Review

Jenny knew there had to be a way to make flying more comfortable and went on to develop this fantastic product in partnership with a doctor, commercial airline pilot and an aeronautical engineer.

So what is a flight hammock?

The flight hammock is a lightweight material hammock that fastens to the arms of the tray table with velcro straps and hangs down to create a hanging space to put your legs up on or through all while keeping them elevated. The hammock also comes with a variety of inflatable cushions that gives you the opportunity to customize your hammock and even makes it possible to sleep on your side! (Um hello, that is a total win for me!)

How does it work for kids? The kids flight hammock comes with an extra pillow making it possible for kids to lay out flat in their seats! Another great thing is that the flight hammock for kids is actually the same as the adult one, it just comes with the extra pillow. That means that your kids will never grow out of it! Once you have made the investment then it will stay with them for life.

You must read this review from a happy parent who managed to have a very comfortable flight between Australia and Singapore with her two children, who slept!

Fly Legs Up

Will it fit in my carry on bag?

Simple answer is yes! It is very compact when folded and can clip onto the outside of your bag for quick access.

Will it bother the person in front?

Not at all. Because it fastens to the arms of the tray table it does not pull on the seat back at all.

Can the person next to you get past it easily?

Sure can! Simply pull the tail out from under you and tuck it into the bag and then the person can go past no problems.

To understand how to use the Fly Legs Up Flight Hammock then have a read of the instructions or check out the video below.

Fly Legs Up is an Australian owned business and offer free shipping within Australia. They also offer world-wide postage! The Fly Legs Up Flight Hammock retails at $69.95 for adults and $79.95 for kids (with that extra pillow).

Here is the best bit – as The World And Kids readers you have the opportunity to receive 10% off your Fly Legs Up Flight Hammock when you order online at and use the code FLYFIRSTCLASS. So you’re getting the travel expo price right from your own home!

I highly recommend you check this product out and grab a few for the family. It really is a great product and will make your economy class travel so much more comfortable!

*when booking your seats ensure that there is a seat in front of you to attached your hammock.


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We were very grateful to receive a Fly Legs Up Flight Hammock as a gift and very much looking forward to using it.

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