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Freaky Snacks For A Halloween Flight

Do you want to make your kids lunch send them into a fit of giggles this Halloween? We’ve come up with some cheeky and freaky snacks including a FREE printable too!

I love to make my kids snacks fun and seeing as we are flying this Halloween I thought I’d make some freaky (and kinda gross) snacks for them to nibble on. These snacks, that are sure to make them giggle, would also be perfect for their lunchbox that day too. After all, Halloween does fall on a school day this year.

We often fly budget airlines when getting around Australia but this does mean that we don’t get meals on the plane. Instead of buying expensive inflight meals, I pack my own!

Here are our fun freaky snacks for a Halloween flight with free Bag Topper prints included.

What You Will Need:

– Printer, scissors, blade knife and stapler – Plain paper or photo paper to make those colours pop! – Print out of our bag toppers. Print here – Clear plastic bags or ziplock bags (12cm wide if possible) – Blueberries (Eyeballs) – Carrots (Pumpkin Patch Bites) – French Fries or Twisties (Witch Fingers) – Sultanas (Bat Poop) – Popcorn (Monster Teeth)

Halloween Freaky Snack Ingredients

How To Put Them Together:

Eyeballs – Place blueberries in a plastic bag and seal.

Pumpkin Patch Bites – Peel, top and tail a carrot. Cut out two slits along the length of the carrot. Cut in 5mm rounds. You should end up with a pumpkin like shape. Place in a plastic bag and seal.

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Bites
Halloween Pumpkin Patch Bites

Witch Fingers – Place French Fries or Twisties in a plastic bag and seal.

Monster Teeth – Place popcorn in a plastic bag and seal.

Bat Poop – Place sultanas in a plastic bag and seal.

Bag Toppers – Print out the bag toppers and cut around the outside of each square. Use a blade knife and carefully cut around the edge of the image above the dotted fold line. Fold the square in half along the dotted fold line. The cut out part of the image should stay sticking up. Staple to the top of the plastic bag.

Halloween Freaky Snacks by The World And Kids

Now you have a bunch of freaky and kinda gross snacks to make your kids giggle and laugh this Halloween!

Halloween Freaky Snacks

If you’re looking for some more great ideas and tips this Halloween season, then be sure to check out Carnival Cruises ‘Cruise Tips’ Blog

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