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Heart In Box – Gift Box For The Adventure Mama

What is it that you buy for a Mum who has everything and you don’t want to buy her more flowers? Or maybe a Mum who loves to travel and is about to set off on her next trip? Or maybe a Mum who loves to adventure but home is where her heart lays right now and you just want to encourage her and keep the dream alive? I have found a solution and I think your going to love it!

Let me introduce you to….

Heart In Box!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive flowers and have them fill my house with their beauty and scent but sometimes when I want to give a gift I want something that says just a little bit more and last longer too. I love to encourage others and build them up, so when Meng from Heart In Box contacted me and introduced me to her gift boxes I totally fell in love with them and the heart behind it.

‘Heart in Box is an online gift box shop that is on mission to uplift and pamper women, in particular mums. We want every woman or mum who receives a Heart Box know that they are loved.’

The day my box arrived –

When Jasper was 6 months old and Bailee 3 years old I decided I wanted to take on the challenge of studying and change my career path (completely mad, I know). It was then that I enrolled in a Diploma of Travel and Tourism. 3 years later and a course restructure, I finally submitted my last assessment of my course last week! (*cue postman arriving). I was so excited but realised that my joy needed to wait as it was school pick up time and I had to run out the door stumbling over a package that had been left. I chucked it into the car and headed off to school. Bailee’s first question when she got into the car was “is that for me?” (typical!) and my excitement from submitting my assessment came flooding back as I tore into the parcel. I think Bailee got the hint that it wasn’t for her!

The World And Kids reviews Heart in Box

A cute brown box with a big black bow, I was so excited. I opened the box and the first thing I saw was a card that read ‘You Are Really Really Wonderful’ and the memories from the past 3 years started to trickle down my cheek. I felt so special in that moment and as I dug deeper into the box I found little gifts that confirmed that this is the path I want to be on right now, that adventure is what I love and I want to share the world with the world and their kids!

The World And Kids reviews Heart in Box

The World And Kids reviews Heart in Box

Here is the best thing about Heart in Box, you can choose from many different themes or even create your own gift box for that special someone, who doesn’t even need to be a mum. So make sure you head on over to and check out the beautiful range of gifts.

Founder of Heart in Box, Meng, is also a travel mum and has three gorgeous kids. She currently lives in Brisbane but has lived in Melbourne, Japan, New York over the past 6 years and all with her kids in tow! Meng has taken the time to take part in my travel interview series and I know you going to absolutely love her. Make sure you visit the post Meng from Heart In Box does Japan.

Meng has also been so kind to give The World And Kids readers a special 10% discount on your purchase. To take advantage of this fantastic offer use the code FriendofHeartInBoxTWAK when checking out.

*This review content and opinions are all my own and 100% true at the time of review.

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