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Homework on the Road – Smash Stationary Review

Have you ever tried to get your child to write their spelling list while sitting at the circus?

Me either, but that’s what it feels like when trying to get my kids to do a little school work while we are travelling. We are fortunate enough to have a school and teachers who work with us to make our travel possible, even when it means pulling them out mid term. Our teachers arrange some work and key things they need to learn while we are away and I do my absolute best to incorporate their learning’s into our daily adventures. However, sometimes the spelling list still needs to be written out, letters need to be traced and math needs to show workings out on paper. One trick I’ve found that works for both my kids is by getting them a new book and small stationary set to travel with to help compete with the exciting adventures of the day. So far it’s worked!

The team at Smash have very kindly jumped on board to help me out and sent us some of their brand new stationary range to test out. Bailee has an endless amount of stationary so I was very excited when the Urban Graphic stationary set arrived because it was right up Jasper’s alley!

Smash Stationary Urban Graphic

Things we love about the new Smash Stationary Range

Colours They come in 4 great series including Other Realm, Graphic Urban, Paint and Play and, coming soon, Neo Galaxy. The bright colours and patterns were appealing to my kids and I like that a bit of black is thrown in too.

Sizes When packing for a trip it is important to keep things small and light. We loved that Smash have created all different sizes of notepads and exercise books including ones that are small and thin. They are the perfect fit for a kids travel backpack.

Organisation My kids like to buy the souvenir books from attractions and shows and they then become bedtime reading in a bid to re-live the experience. The magazine holders, folders and envelope folders are perfect to hold their books, maps and other random collections they gather during our travels.

Creativity If you know Jasper then I bet you can guess what his favourite part of the pack was… Yep, you got it, the skateboard ruler! The arrow pens were a very close second as was the skater hat sticky notes.

Travel Diary Often the teachers at school ask that our kids keep a travel diary that they can bring back and share with the class. Good thing is that we already do that! Sometimes we do it via videos but now that Jasper is learning to write, an actual diary is what we will use. We’ve chosen the spiral bound notebook as his diary for these school holidays.

So enough of our thoughts on the products, here are a couple of pictures for you to check out and decide for yourself!

Smash Stationary Urban Graphic

Travel Diary (stickers are our own) – Urban Graphic Spiral Notebook

Smash Stationary Urban Graphic

A great range of notebook sizes and somewhere to store them!

As I mentioned before, these fab products are available now and at Big W stores across Australia. The brand new Neo Galaxy will be available from the 15th July 2018 in-store. Products are sold as individual pieces and ready just in time for school holiday travels as well as getting ready to go back to school for the second half of the year! (wait… what??? Where does time go?)

So from us to you – good luck on getting that school work done and we hope these funky products help you just as much as they have us!

Safe travels,

Jen xx

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*Jasper’s homework has been brought to you by Smash Enterprises by way of a gift in return for a review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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