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How to Plan Your School Holidays

Its school holiday time again. I’m sure the school terms are going faster and faster! To be honest though, I’m not totally complaining as I do enjoy the school holidays and not only spending time with my kids but also not having a schedule to stick to or a bell that I need to beat every morning!

There are so many activities going on during the school holidays and I know you don’t really need another list of things on what to do in your local community. With so many options we often have grand plans but it ends up all too hard and we spend more time at home than we planned or totally blow the budget 2 days in.

My question is – How do you decide on what to do and to how to practically plan it?

Here are my tips on planning your school holidays and keeping to a minimal budget…For starters, days at home are nice. Now repeat that a few more times until you start to believe me! I know the kids whinge and complain as all they want to do is get out and about, that is what they are used to right? But remember that they are also used to sitting in a class room for quite a few hours a day too, which means they are capable to doing that at home. So have some activities ready, dust off the toys, find a few new movies to watch and enjoy some chill out time.

Next, plan your days out and about. Don’t book something for every single day, you’ll only exhaust yourself and your budget. Every second or third day is fine. Some of you may also have to squeeze some work days in there too!

Try this method and see how you go:

EVENT – Book an event and make it special, after all they have worked so hard all term and can do with a special treat. This could be a show, movies, ice skating etc. Make it something special and worth looking forward to.

ADVENTURE – Discover somewhere new. I know its a bit chilly here is Sydney right now but the days are beautiful so rug up, pack some lunch and go on a bushwalk or explore a new area. We have some of the most amazing National Parks so close to us, why not explore them!

ACTIVITY – Check out some of the local activities going on at your shopping centre, churches and library. There are always plenty of free things going on and there is usually a cafe not too far away for an inexpensive coffee and babychino date before or after.

KIDS CLUB – There are many different kids clubs that run during the school holidays. Some are more expensive than others so do your research and book them in for a day or two or three! Finding ones that cater to your child’s interests or that their friends are going to will make it much more fun for them and help you to not feel bad about sending them.

DRIVE – Pack lunch, jump in the car and discover a new part of your city. Even if you find a great playground that is normally too far to drive to mid week. We used to play a game when I was young where we would flip a coin and heads meant turn left, tails meant turn right. Sounds silly but it was so much fun!

FAMILY ACTIVITY – Book in a family fun event that you can all enjoy. We take the opportunity to go to one of the local Winter Festivals for an evening just so Daddy can join us too. I don’t worry about them getting to bed a bit later as we can sleep in the next day! It’s nice to make sure we all get to do something together.

PLAY DATE – Book in one or two play dates with their friends and invite the other parent too, after all we need someone to chat to as well!

GO AWAY – Why not take the opportunity to head away for a couple of nights if you can. You can grab some great last minute deals and just enjoy a little break away. You don’t even have to go far!

So there you have my method for planning the school holidays. There are so many things to do but sometimes we just need a plan to start planning!

Have fun and enjoy.

Jen x

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