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Kids Photo Challenge

Stand Back Parents, This One Is For The Kids

Are you a kid who loves a challenge? Maybe a challenge to help cure school holiday boredom? Here is a little something you might just love with a chance to be featured on The World And Kids Instagram!

Photography is a huge part of travel and here at The World And Kids we recommend that kids get to takeover the camera when out and about. We think kids and cameras are the perfect match, so much so that a camera is included in our 5 Essentials for Travelling Kids.

Parents like to capture every moment so we can re-live the joy and experience over and over. Kids are the same and learning the art of photography is loads of fun.

Here in NSW, Australia its coming up to the mid year School Holidays so we thought we’d put out the challenge to all those budding photographers out there and see what creative photos you can take using our daily topics over 14 days.

Parents – Each time you hear your kids say they are bored, give them the camera and see what they can come up with!

It all starts on Saturday 1st July, 2017

Each day we will re-post our favourite photo on our Instagram so be sure to tag your photos with

#TWAKKIDSPIC and @THEWORLDANDKIDS. Also include your first name and age for your shout out!

Here is the list so that you can start planning and keep an eye out on our Instagram for topic inspiration each day.


1st – FOOD

2nd – LEGO

3rd – ANIMAL

4th – SIGN

5th – ADULT

6th – BOOK

7th – WATER

8th – SKY


10th – MAP




14th – PLACE

Don’t forget to get permission from Mum and Dad to use their camera, phone, Instagram account and always ask anyone in your photo if you have permission to share it.

We are looking forward to seeing your amazing photos!

 Happy Snapping,

Jen, Bailee and Jasper

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