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Lollipop Monsters for a Flying Trick or Treat

Did your parents ever take advantage of cheaper flights on a national holiday or special event such as Christmas, New Years, Easter or maybe even Halloween?

This year I’ve done that to my kids but I must admit, I didn’t realize until a Halloween party invitation came and I worked out we would be mid flight between Adelaide and Sydney at the time…oops. Never mind, I’ve come up with a solution to make our flight a spootakular one and hopefully for other kids too. Bring on the Halloween craft!

We have decided to make a bunch of cool things to give to fellow kids that are travelling that night and we will hand them out at the airport and on our flight. It’s going to be one big party plane!!

Lollipops are a favourite in our house so we are going to dress them up and make them even better than they already are. They are also perfect for kids ears when flying as the sucking helps their ears to pop and relieve the pressure.

Here are our Lollipop Monsters!

Halloween Lollipop Monsters

Lollipop Monster #1

Lollipop Monster #2

Lollipop Bat

What your going to need:

  1. Print out of our Crazy Monsters or Spooky Bat

  2. Coloured pencils or textas

  3. Scissors

  4. Glue

  5. Flat lollipops

Lollipop Monster Tools

How to create your lollipop monster:

  1. Print out or draw yourself a monster.

  2. Get creative and colour them in.

  3. Cut out all the parts to your monster. Don’t forget to cut little slits for the lollipop to go through.

  4. If your monster has arms and legs then make them all wobbly by concertinaing them (folding the paper back and forth).

  5. Glue your hands to the arms, feet to the legs, and then arms and legs to the body.

  6. Stick the lollipop through the small slits in the body.

  7. Glue the eyes, mouth, horns and any other bits to the lollipop.

  8. Ta da! A very spooktacular lollipop.

If you’re looking for some more great ideas and tips for Trick or Treating this Halloween season then be sure to check out Carnival Cruises ‘Cruise Tips’ Blog

Inspired by


Have fun creating!

Jen x

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