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Our Family Stay At The Concorde Hotel, Singapore

Finding hotels in Singapore that suit a family of two adults and two or more children can be tricky. Don’t get me wrong, they do exist, but the choice is limited, they are often only adjoining rooms, location not always ideal and not to mention the cost.

I discovered The Concorde Hotel at the Sydney Singapore Roadshow in 2017 and it caught my eye because of their recently renovated family rooms. These family rooms include a lux comfy king bed for the parents and fold out Murphy bunk beds for the kids. If you do need some extra space for more children then the room right next door is interconnected with the family room and has two twin beds.

Concorde Hotel, Singspore

There was another thing that narrowed down my search for the best first night hotel in Singapore for us and that was they needed to have a 24/7 reception as we were arriving at 3:30am. Now for any parent who has to drag tired, groggy children through an airport and into a transfer at that time of the morning you really want someone to welcome you, get you checked in with ease and to fall into a super comfy bed quick. Thankfully the Concorde Hotel did all of that plus they threw in a cold welcome drink too.

Concorde Hotel, Singspore

One other thing that is often at the top of the list for families visiting a hot and humid city is that the hotel has a pool. After a long day exploring or traveling everyone needs a cool off and refresh. If your kids are anything like mine then a holiday isn’t a holiday unless you get to swim. The Concorde has a lovely pool deck with a children’s pool, adult pool, bar and ping pong table for the kids to enjoy. If you are after a moment of quiet by the pool (or anywhere else for that matter) then take advantage of the babysitting services also available.

FYI the pool area is having a makeover which means the pool and change rooms won’t be available until after the 31st May 2018.

Concorde Hotel, Singspore

Regarding the location, the Concorde Hotel is just a short walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station that will take you pretty much anywhere as it has 3 of the MRT lines go through it. You are also on Orchard Road and right near some of the amazing shopping malls that it is so well-known for. The world-famous Hamleys Toy Store is also just down the road, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Concorde Hotel, Singapore

The glass lifts in the foyer provided much entertainment for the kids! They pretended they were rockets every time we went back to our room.

Now, onto the food. The breakfast buffet was delicious and let me tell you, a freshly made omelette and coffee went down a real treat after our long night of travel! The kids enjoyed… well, everything! They wandered around and filled their plates sky-high. It sure was the perfect start to the day. Kids menu is also available.

The Concorde Hotel, Singapore

So for all those reasons and more we had a fantastic stay at the Concorde Hotel Singapore and gladly recommend it to our clients, friends and followers.

The Concorde Hotel, Singapore

Complimentary smart phone comes with the room too!

Although the Concorde Hotel generously hosted us for the night, my opinions are as always my own and we experienced such wonderful hospitality during our stay. Plus I always feel so much more comfortable sending clients to a hotel that myself and my family have experienced first hand and enjoyed. Thank you Concorde Hotel Singapore, we hope to be back again soon!

The Concorde Hotel, Singapore

If Singapore is somewhere you are planning on experiencing with your family then please get in touch. I’d love to work with you in creating a custom itinerary for your family, help you with accommodation booking or just give you some hints and tips for this wonderful city. To contact me please email

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The Concorde Hotel Singapore

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