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Pocket Activities for Kids on the Go from Neapolitan

My handbag is a treasure trove that weighs a tone and yet I still can’t seem to find something to entertain the kids while I enjoy that skim latte patiently waiting for me…. (if only they were as patient as my latte!)

“Mummy, I need a pen, I need paper, I’m bored, can’t I just have your phone to play with?”

It doesn’t matter if I’m at my local cafe or the other side of the world, the same scenario plays out over and over again. I try to remind myself to put a colouring book and pencils in my bag for ‘just incase’ moments like these but I always forget and lets face it, my bag is far too heavy already.

When Karen from Neapolitan Homewares introduced me to some of her products for kids on the go I couldn’t get them into my handbag quick enough. My local cafe was screaming my name and this time I was armed and ready!

Pocket Games and Coloring by OMY had arrived and the kids were so excited to try them out that we just had to pop out for a coffee to give them a go.

The World And Kids review Pocket Games and Coloring

Packed into a small tube with 1 meter of activities inside including a colour change pencil, Pocket Games and Coloring was the perfect on the go entertainment that didn’t require a screen or me carrying a huge colouring book and pencil case. There are different topics available and we have tried out Fantastic and Magic, also available in City and Cosmos. You don’t have to have the whole 1 meter pulled out onto your table either, you can tear off sections as you go. These great little products are made in France and from recycled paper.

The World And Kids review Pocket Games and Coloring

Karen has been so kind to be a part of our travel interview series and share with us about her trip to LA and San Francisco with her husband and 3 kids PLUS an to offer all The World And Kids readers of 15% off storewide using the code TRAVEL15 when checking out. Make sure you have a read of Karen’s interview and take advantage of her special offer for us.

Enjoy your coffee!


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The World And Kids review Pocket Activies for kids

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