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Product Review – Port A Ball

Did you know that balls have been entertaining humans since the ancient Roman times and that the size of the first inflatable balls depended on the size of a pigs bladder? The simplicity of a ball and the hours of entertainment that they bring will never cease to amaze me. When looking for kids entertainment parents always ask the question ‘what did we do before iPads and devices existed?’ and the answer is – we gave them a ball!

Port A Ball

You can imagine how happy I was when Port A Ball arrived in our mail box from our friends at Talkin’ Toys. A portable, inflatable, 20cm, lightweight ball that literally fits in your pocket and blows up in seconds. I spent weeks searching for an inflatable ball to travel with and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a standard beach ball. This would have been perfect! So we thought we’d road test it on a little beach getaway last weekend and here are our thoughts…

Port A Ball

Day 1 – Port A Ball is packed into Bailee’s small carry on size suitcase.

The size of Port A Ball makes it perfect for small spaces. Although it blows up to be 20cm in diameter, it literally takes up just a couple of centimeters in a bag when deflated.

Day 2 – The day the weather turned bad…

It wasn’t the perfect beach day we had hoped for, so inside entertainment was required. Bailee grabbed the Port A Ball to show her Nanny and they proceeded to play a game of volleyball across the dining table. Port A Ball is perfect as an inside ball. It’s foam material makes it so soft that it didn’t damage a thing. Win!

Day 3 – The sun had come out and off to the beach we went.

The beach day we were hoping for had arrived so we packed the beach cart and off we went. Port A Ball kept Bailee entertained on the beach while I sat back and enjoyed the sun. When it was time to leave I deflated the ball in seconds and packed in into a small pocket of our beach cart. Too easy!

Port A Ball
Port A Ball deflated

The verdict – Port A Ball is great entertainment for kids on the go. It is a lightweight ball that has some bounce. It isn’t designed for a world cup soccer match but certainly more sturdy that your average beach ball. I will make sure Port A Ball is in our carry on luggage for airport layovers, in the boot of the car for spontaneous park stops and in the beach cart for a game on the sand.

Port A Ball is available from most major retailers such as Big W and Toys R Us. RRP $10.00 AUD. Perfect stocking filler, pocket money purchase or gift for any kid!

Enjoy playing ball,

Jen x

P.S. If you are looking for other great travel gifts for the whole family then check out my Family Travel Gift Guide for 2017.

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