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Road Trip Essentials From IKEA®

I popped into my local IKEA® the other day to grab a few things. I know, your all laughing, who can actually buy only a ‘few’ things from IKEA®. I may have left with a trolley…oops! Anyway, my not so little trip to IKEA® reminded me of a bunch of products we use and especially when road tripping with kids, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Remember the old stable table used for TV dinners? Well IKEA® have a laptop option called the BYLLAN which also works really well for the car. Kids can use it to lean on or to bring their book or device up higher when reading or watching.

Byllan Laptop Support Ikea

BYLLAN Laptop Support $19.99 AUD

You always want to make sure that you’ve got your cars seats protected from any little accidents that the kids may have when travelling long distances. I love to use the LEN mattress protector under the kids car seats in case of any spills or leaks (if you get what I mean!).


LEN Mattress Protector $9.99 AUD

You can never pick the weather so keeping a raincoat in the glove box can prove to be very handy. The KNALLA poncho is great and packs up quite small.


KNALLA Poncho $12.99 AUD

Coffee and road trips…need I say more? Also great for kids smoothies.

SPRIDD Travel Mug $7.99 AUD

SPRIDD Travel Mug $7.99 AUD

Neck pillows are great for the kids when in the car. They can be positioned at the back or even the front to stop their heads flopping forward. Great for adults too (unless driving!).

UPPTACKA Neck Pillow $14.99 AUD

UPPTACKA Neck Pillow $14.99 AUD

If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know how much I love packing cells! They make packing and arrival so much easier, especially when your sharing a bag with someone else. The IKEA® UPPTACKA packing bags are great and really affordable.

UPPTACKA Packing Bag Set $12.99 AUD

UPPTACKA Packing Bag Set $12.99 AUD

These handy little things are great, especially when camping. Having somewhere to hang something to dry or to not loose it can be very helpful. That is why I love the PRESSA hanging dryer. They even fold up making them easier to pack!

PRESSA Hanging Dryer $4.99 AUD

PRESSA Hanging Dryer $4.99 AUD

Space inside the car is precious and you don’t want to take up too much of it with things that you don’t need much of. I love the UPTACKA bottles as you can take just enough of the liquids that you need. I use them for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, laundry detergent, washing up liquid and sun cream (perfect handbag size if you have already purchased a big bottle). The bottles are 100ml which makes them the perfect flying size too.

UPPTACKA bottles $3.99 AUD

UPPTACKA bottles $3.99 AUD

Every car should have a first aid kit in it, especially when road tripping. I always have the TRYGGHET first aid kit in my centre console for those just in case moments. It has the basics in there to treat cuts, burns and sprained ankles but also has a few pockets for you to add your bits that you think you might need.

TRYGGHET First Aid Kit $16.99 AUD

TRYGGHET First Aid Kit $16.99 AUD

Last but not least, the LJUSA LED torch is a great thing to have, especially for those night time pit stops or during an emergency. The best part is that it doesn’t even require batteries meaning that you can leave it in the car and know it will always work. Simply wind it up and turn it on! Fun for the kids too.

LJUSA LED Torch $7.99 AUD

LJUSA LED Torch $7.99 AUD

Although IKEA® has thousands of fantastic products, these would have to be my favourite road tripping companions!

I’d love to hear what products you couldn’t do without when your on the road with your family. Comment below to let us know.

If your road tripping this Christmas then you may find my Packing for a Christmas Road Trip blog useful. It’s packed full of tips when it comes to buying Christmas presents that work well when packed into the car.

*This is not a sponsored post. All prices are in Australian dollars and current at the time of publishing. Special offers may be available, check your IKEA® store for more details.

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Road trip essentials from ikea

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