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Seven Tips To Help Kids Feel Less Anxious When Travelling

There are plenty of reasons as to why parents choose not to travel with their young children and sadly one of the biggest reasons (aside from financial) is anxiety. Travel is all about the unknown and the adventure of it all, but if you are anything like me sometimes that can be really overwhelming. I’ve put lots of things in place to help me feel less anxious when travelling and I also have a few things to help my kids out too. Let me share some of those with you.

Change The Language

This is a lesson taught to me by my then two year old son. We were travelling around Europe and staying somewhere new every few nights. This can be very unsettling for kids so we took the time to prep them before we left. We used language like ‘home is where ever we are together’ and ‘home doesn’t have to look like a house, home is where we sleep’. We noticed that our son would ask us each day where our ‘home’ would be that night so we decided to go with it and instead of saying ‘hotel’ or ‘accommodation’ we would simply say ‘tonight this will be our home’ or at the end of a day ‘lets go home’. It seemed to help our kids be at ease with the different surroundings each night and helped them sleep better too.

Jasper enjoying his new bed in Stockholm, Sweden

Book Accommodation Ahead Of Time

If you or your children get anxious easily then do yourself and them a favour and book all accommodation ahead of time. Being organised and having a plan really does help alleviate stress and, on a day of exploring somewhere new, knowing where your head will rest makes a huge difference. Having accommodation booked means you can show your kids photos of where you will stay and maybe even view it on Google maps. Little things like that help to put their minds at ease simply by knowing what their ‘home’ will look like. To help myself relax and enjoy holidays I would spend so much time planning our trips and it was out of that that I became a Family Travel Planner. I love working with families to plan their travel, leaving them to simply enjoy the journey and relax knowing everything is booked and organised.

These two feeling quite at home in Malmo, Sweden.

Show Them Around

When you arrive at your accommodation take the time to show the kids around. Show them where you will sleep, where they will sleep, where the bathroom is, the easiest way to get to the bathroom during the night, what lights you’ll leave on, how the door will be locked, whats inside the cupboards and whats under the bed. I know it all sounds trivial but doing this will help a child feel more at home quicker.

Sleeping sweetly in Hobart, Tasmania

Mattress Protector

Do you have a little one who struggles staying dry at night and the thought of travelling with them and risking hotel beds freaks the both of you out? Then let me tell you about my new favourite brand. Protect-A-Bed® have a fantastic range of lightweight, waterproof and breathable mattress protectors. I particularly love the TENCEL™ range as it is so soft and you can sleep directly on top of it without the need of a sheet. The reason this is perfect for little travellers is because it makes every bed feel like their own and having it on top of the sheets makes it less likely for you to forget it when you leave! (I still set a reminder in my phone anyway). It will also put their mind at ease during the night in case they have a little accident. Protect-A-Bed have a sleep solution for everyone and a large range using natural materials. I’m a fan because I suffer from allergies and these are ideal for people with sensitive skin, rhinitis (hay fever), or eczema. Protect-A-Bed® is also in partnership with The National Asthma Council Australia, The Eczema Association, Red Nose (Sids and Kids) and Miracle Babies. This is no ordinary company and no ordinary mattress protector, possibly even a little #ordinarymadeextrordinary!

Protect A Bed

Night Light

If you have been following me for a while now then you’ll know I am all for a battery powered night light for kids. The reason is because I have a child who is a little afraid of the dark and likes to sleep with a nightlight. The problem is that hotel rooms generally don’t come with night lights and sleeping with a bedside light on is so bright you might as well be sleeping under the sun! A small nightlight won’t take up much room in your bag and you’ll be glad you packed it, especially if you are all in the one room.

Kmart Cloud Night Light

This little friend is from Kmart Australia and retails for $5.00 AUD.


If your child sleeps with a comforter of any type then make sure that this special item travels with you. When your child is in an unfamiliar place they will need that comforter more than ever. Do whatever it takes to not loose it too!

Using a Dummy/Pacifier Chain is a must when travelling. You don’t want to loose that precious comforter! Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no extra cost to you.


If you have a bedtime routine at home then try and replicate that when you are travelling. It is the little things that help make a child feel comfortable and familiar in their new surrounding. If reading a story is part of your routine then be sure to load some digital books onto your device or pack some lightweight books to take with you. The beauty of routine is that you can take it anywhere and make an unfamiliar place feel like home.

Reading a book and keeping our bedtime routine in Spain.

Those are a few of my tips on helping both you and your kids feel less anxious when adventuring around the world. Remember that home is wherever you are all together!

Safe travels,

Jen xx

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