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So What Goes In My Carry On?

Ensuring I have everything I need or might need for a flight can sometimes do my head in when packing! I really wished someone would just come and tell me what I should pack rather than stressing over it myself. So, after many flights with my kids, I have come up with that list for you! I also asked a friend what she carries in her carry on too as everyone is different and have kids with different needs. 

Here is our combined list of what we pack!

  1. Baby Wipes

  2. Antibacterial Wipes (give the tray tables a once over before the kids use them)

  3. Pen (so simple but always needed, especially when flying international and needing to fill out customs cards)

  4. Change of clothes for everyone (keep them light and don’t forget clean undies!!)

  5. Shawl and/or wrap (easy to use to keep warm on the plane or put over the kids if needed)

  6. Small face washer (I keep one in a ziplock bag and use it to give the kids a wash down during layovers etc. Ziplock bag to store when wet.)

  7. Lip gloss and moisturiser 

  8. Chewing gum or lollies (get those ears popping!)

  9. Ear Planes® (great ear plugs that really help during flights. Kids and adult sizes)

  10. Small makeup bag (mascara, small mirror, face powder)

  11. Eye drops

  12. Medicines for kids and adults such as Panadol®, Nurofen®, Zyrtec®, Band-Aid®/plasters, Antiseptic cream, Nasal spray, Asthma inhaler (if needed), Gastro-Stop, Hydralyte™ sachets and any other things recommended by your doctor. (don’t forget to ensure bottles are 100ml or less)

  13. Passport wallet with passports, paper copies of travel itinerary, travel insurance, travel vouchers/documents etc.

  14. Phone charger and international plug converters (most planes now have USB plug in to charge while flying)

  15. If traveling with a baby/toddler in nappies then pack spare nappies, wipes, change pad and soothing cream. I like to keep these in a small bag/packing cell and keep in the seat pocket for easy access during the flight.

  16. Baby bottle with milk/water already in the bottle. (Security will only allow milk/water to be in a baby bottle and not in the original bottle when over 100mls)

  17. Baby Formula (Measure it out and store in an easy formula container, always carry enough for an extra feed for take off and landing)

  18. Headphones (I always prefer my own rather than the ones given on board)

  19. Travel pillow

  20. Empty water bottle (re-fill on the plane to stay hydrated)

  21. Little snacks just in case (must be declared on arrival if not consumed in flight)


I think that is about it!

I use a back pack for the flight as I can put it on my back through the airport and not have to worry about it. Use small packing cells to organise your bag and DON’T FORGET to put all liquids (100mls each bottle limit) in a small clear plastic bag for security.

I hope this list is useful and please feel free to comment below with anything else you can’t fly without.

Happy holidays and safe travels

Jen xx


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