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The World And Kids Do Tasmania’s East Coast – Part 1

I don’t know about you but I have a ‘To Do’ list and a ‘To Do Soon’ list and when my birthday falls on the first week of the school holidays it means I get to choose off the ‘To Do Soon’ list for our next holiday!

This time I chose Tasmania! Come on the journey with us and see why good old Tassie is a great getaway with the whole family.

This was our itinerary:

Sunday – Launceston

In the afternoon we flew with Virgin Australia from Sydney to Launceston, picked up our pre-booked hire car and drove 15mins into town to our hotel, Commodore Regent, which was located on the edge of City Park and walking distance into the city and the seaport. We wandered through the city to the seaport and had dinner at Levee Food Co. The pizza was yummo, perfect for a little birthday dinner!

Flying Virgin Australia to Launceston

Welcome to Launceston!

Monday – Launceston

First things first…coffee! (You’ll learn pretty quickly that 2 of my love languages are coffee and wine – and all the Mummas said?!) I will always try and share my great coffee experiences around the world just to save you the hassle of a bad brew!  This mornings coffee was care of Sweet Brew where they also had delicious croissant’s and pastries.

Sweet Brew cafe Launceston

Sweet Brew, Launceston

After breakfast we walked through City Park and a visit to the monkey enclosure. The kids loved the monkeys and, I must admit, they were very entertaining! The comments from Jasper about their red bottoms were just priceless! It also wouldn’t be a visit to a monkey enclosure without a little hanky panky between monkeys… now try and explain that to a 5 year old! Ha!

We then drove 15mins to Cataract Gorge ready for an adventure. (Don’t forget to have some coins ready for the parking metre). Bailee was learning about bridges at school so she was very excited to see the suspension bridge over the gorge and walk across it. I love it when travel aligns with what they are learning at school, such a great way to add another level to their learning.

We walked across the bridge and around to the far side of the cable chair on a short bush track, perfect distance for the kids. A quick play on the swings and then we caught the cable chair back across the gorge. You can either go one way or return on the cable chair, we did one way as the walk over was easy for the kids. If boarding from the far side then you can pay on arrival. If visiting the gorge in the summer then bring your swimmers as there is a public pool to enjoy too! Also the perfect place for a picnic lunch with a playground, big green space to run and BBQs available.

The World And Kids visit Cataract Gorge, Launceston

Cataract Gorge, Launceston

A fairly new attraction in Launceston is Penny Royal Adventures. We went there after the gorge and spent a couple of hours enjoying the attractions and rides as well as a delicious lunch at the brewery. Penny Royal have some really fun rides for kids of all ages. From rock climbing, cliff walks, climbing aboard the Sandpiper ship and sailing around the old fort, gold panning, sensory trail, little pirate ships and the Dark Ride. There are also fantastic places to eat and enjoy the afternoon in the sun.

The world and kids do Penny Royal, Launceston
Gold Panning at Penny Royal, Launceston

Gold Panning at Penny Royal, Launceston

It was time to head to the grocery store and stock up on food and snacks for the new few days as we were about to head to Great Oyster Bay.

It always pays to stock up on snacks when travelling with kids, especially when we had a few hours drive ahead of us! It also pays to bring a cooler bag to keep the food fresh during the car journey. This time we grabbed an enviro cooler bag from the grocery store which did the job.

Tuesday – Launceston and Great Oyster Bay

Our morning started with breakfast in our hotel room and then our usual coffee stop. Today we headed to Amelia Espresso in Launceston CBD and the coffee was great! Another stroll through City Park sipping our coffee and letting the kids run around before we jumped in the car and headed towards Great Oyster Bay on the east coast of Tasmania. We had a lovely stay in Launceston and really enjoyed this beautiful little city and the amazing historic buildings that it is known for.

When we travel we are always searching for hidden gems and as we were heading down the Lake Leake Hwy we thought we may as well check out Lake Leake itself. A short drive down a dirt track lead us to the most stunning view of Lake Leake!

The World And Kids visits Lake Leake, Tasmania
The World And Kids visit Lake Leake Tasmania

Lake Leake, Tasmania

 It was freezing at the lake but so worth being a little chilly to explore and take some pics. Back in the car to warm up and then we set off again to the Freycinet National Park to get a glimpse of Wineglass Bay. Our total drive time from Launceston to Freycinet National Park was 2 hours, including our little stop off at Lake Leake.

Next post I’ll share about our adventures to see Wineglass Bay and other parts of the Freycinet National Park as well as our very cool beach house on Great Oyster Bay.

Stay tuned…

Our Itinerary Overview:

Day 1 – Fly Sydney to Launceston, Tasmania

Day 2 – Launceston

Day 3 – Drive Launceston to Great Oyster Bay

Day 4 – Great Oyster Bay

Day 5 – Drive Great Oyster Bay to Port Arthur and then to Hobart

Day 6 – Hobart

Day 7 – Hobart

Day 8 – Fly Hobart to Sydney

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