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The World And Kids do Tasmania’s East Coast – Part 2

Have you been to Tasmania? So many people that I spoke to before our trip admitted they hadn’t but it was on their bucket list. To be honest, I was one of those people too! That is why I decided (seeing as it was my birthday!) that this trip had to be to Tassie.

I’m so glad we did because it really took my breath away! So green, so untouched, so beautiful and so family friendly.

I hope you have had the chance to read part 1 of our trip, but here we go for part 2….

Tuesday – Launceston to Great Oyster Bay

(including Freycinet National Park)

We arrived at The Freycinet National Park and stopped in at

The World And Kids visit Honeymoon Bay, Tasmania

Honeymoon Bay, Tasmania

the visitors centre to grab our park pass ($24 per car, up to 8 people). It was now lunchtime so the first stop in the park was Honeymoon Bay for a picnic lunch. I just couldn’t get over the amazing colour of the water. So clear and so blue, even on an overcast day. We sat and ate our cheese and salad sandwiches with the most amazing view all while fending off the albatross’ that were lurking about.

Next stop was on my bucket list so I was a little excited… Wineglass Bay! I’ve seen so many photos of this stunning bay and wondered what it looked like in real life and how hard was it to actually see it? I’m glad to say that the ‘hike’ up the ‘mountain’ isn’t too bad and the kids handled it very well, Bailee at least! Jasper had other plans which involved Daddy’s shoulders. The walk is estimated at 45mins each way and that takes you to the lookout. You can continue to hike down the other side to Wineglass Bay but the kids wouldn’t have coped with that part. We made it to the top in 30mins which goes to show its very doable, even with a baby in a front/back pack. The path is very good too.

The World And Kids visit Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

I sure wasn’t disappointed when we reached the lookout, what a view! Just so beautiful and untouched.

If your looking for an amazing view but would rather keep bubs in the stroller or just after an easier walk then we totally recommend you drive up to Cape Tourville and walk the boardwalk around the lighthouse and take in the amazing coast line. This was Jasper’s favourite part and he really loved the binoculars that helped you see the penguins on the little island off shore.

We had such an amazing afternoon exploring the Freycinet National Park and we highly recommend you spend some time there. Pack a lunch and your running shoes and get your adventure on!

The World And Kids Visit Cape Tourville, Tasmania

Cape Tourville, Tasmania

The World And Kids Visit Cape Tourville, Tasmania

It was time for us to find our little beach shack that we had booked for the next 2 nights. When I was looking for accommodation in the Great Oyster Bay area I really wanted to find something that had character, was family friendly, had a wood fireplace and fitted into our budget. The Mayfield Bay Beach Shack seemed to be the perfect fit and when we arrived we realised it was exactly what I was hoping for. The shack’s location doesn’t show up real well on the booking site so have a look at the map below to see where it actually is.

Mayfield Bay Beach Shack

Mayfield Bay Beach Shack (located at pinned point on left side)

It’s a two story house with an open plan kitchen, dining, lounge and main bedroom

The World And Kids stay at theMayfield Bay Beach Shack


upstairs and windows all around to soak up the amazing view! Downstairs is the original part of the house which I’m sure has some serious history about it but is so well maintained. The bathroom, laundry, two single bedrooms are down there. Our kids preferred to sleep upstairs with us where it was warm by the fireplace (I don’t blame them!), so we just put them on the lounges at bedtime and they slept there. History

The World And Kids stay at the Mayfield Bay Beach Shack

The view

fascinates me and this house was full of amazing things that were quite old including an antique washing machine (there is a new one too), Monopoly board game that still had £s on the cards, old meat mincer  – the list goes on. It was like staying in a museum! They also have a book that tells the story of the first settlers to the area that was written based on the letters found by a relative – it’s so fascinating. Needless to say I loved that little shack and would happily stay there again.

Wednesday – Great Oyster Bay

The World And Kids visit Kates Berry Farm

Kates Berry Farm Pancakes

Our foodie day started at Kates Berry Farm for pancakes and scones – boy were they yummy! I picked up a few jams and things to take home too. We then headed to a few wineries and enjoyed some wine tasting before heading to

The World And Kids visit Devil's Corner Cellar Door

Devil’s Corner Cellar Door – plenty of space to run around

Devil’s Corner Cellar Door for lunch, wine and a run around for the kids.

That night we headed back to the shack after picking up some wine, cheese and cured meats for afternoon tea by the fire! Matt and the kids headed down to the beach for a run while I sat back and read a book. Every holiday needs a ‘relax’ moment right?!

Mayfield Bay Beach Shack

Sundown at the shack!

Thursday – Port Arthur

The World and Kids do Tasmania

The scenic route!

We bid farewell to our little shack that we had grown to love in two days, and headed towards Hobart. First stop though was the Port Arthur Historic Site. The drive down took 2.5 hours and as usual we took the more scenic route which was a dirt road! I must say that it was SO worth it as the view was just amazing. I can’t get over how untouched Tasmania is. Living in Sydney where every conceivable space close to water is built upon or National Park, it was so nice to see farms that go right up to the waters edge.

We arrived at Port Arthur very excited to learn more about our Australian

The World And Kids visit Port Arthur

Port Arthur Convict Card

history. You can pre-book tickets online or purchase on arrival. Adults are $37 and kids $17 (under 7 are free). The entry ticket gives you a free boat trip around the harbour and walking tour. Its totally worth doing to get your bearings and get an overview of the history. The kids receive an activity book on arrival and everyone gets a playing card that you use to find out which convict you are and how you ended up in Port Arthur. So fun! There are also kids activities in the different houses on the property so make sure you grab the times for those when you arrive. The property is mostly pram friendly for those visiting with bubs. There is plenty to do if your planning on spending the whole day, otherwise 3 hours was great too.

The World And Kids visit Port Arthur

Port Arthur Walking Tour

The World And Kids visit Port Arthur

Changing the Signals

Port Arthur is such an amazing place and a very special part of our Australian history. I highly recommend you take the time to visit when your in Tassie, the kids will love it too!

Next stop…Hobart!

Our Itinerary Overview:

Day 1 – Fly Sydney to Launceston, Tasmania

Day 2 – Launceston

Day 3 – Drive Launceston to Great Oyster Bay

Day 4 – Great Oyster Bay

Day 5 – Drive Great Oyster Bay to Port Arthur and then to Hobart

Day 6 – Hobart

Day 7 – Hobart

Day 8 – Fly Hobart to Sydney

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The World And Kids visit Tasmania






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