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The World And Kids See Singin’ In The Rain, Sydney

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Singin’ In The Rain, Sydney.

“Singin’ In The Rain”, the musical, is currently in town and we had the chance to check it out. This splash-hit musical has arrived along with its 12,000 litres of water and iconic dance routines that are an absolute delight for all watching. With so many bright and colourful elements and the epic splash created by all that water, there isn’t a moment were the kids could possibly get bored!

Growing up as a dancer, one of my favourite things to do was to go and see the latest musical touring Sydney. When living in London for a period of time I also made sure I went to a musical as often as I could, taking full advantage of living close to London’s West End! The inspiration and sheer delight after watching the performers was exactly what this dancer needed. Now I’m a ‘Dance Mum’ and I want my daughter to share that magical place a musical takes you to and keep her dance dream alive too.

Singin in the rain musical Sydney
Singin in the rain musical Sydney

“My most favourite part was watching Don Lockwood dancing and singing in the rain when he was in love with Kathy (Selden)” – Bailee, 6yrs (check out a sneak peak of this moment below)

Now if you’re up for getting right up close with the show then I totally recommend you book tickets in the first 3 rows, but beware; they are in the ‘splash zone’ and you will be issued with a poncho to wear throughout the show! I’m sure the kids would love the ‘splash’ element.

“Singin’ In The Rain” is now showing at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre with tickets starting from $74.90.

Tickets available through Ticketmaster or

The show is also touring Brisbane from September 2016 and then onto Adelaide from the 1st December 2016 followed by Perth from the 29th December 2016.

I highly recommend you go and see “Singin’ In The Rain” and take the kids. Why not grab the opportunity to take them to a show that not only they will love, but so will you. You too could be that parent walking out of the theatre with your child singing at the top of their lungs!

Singin In The Rain Musical Sydney

*This review content and opinions are all my own and 100% true at the time of review.

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