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Travel Interview – Caroline from Avidiva does Thailand

I’d like to welcome Caroline from Avidiva to our travel interview series. Caroline is sharing with us some great stories from a trip to Thailand with her husband and bubs, Alfie! Caroline is also the owner of Avidiva which is a gorgeous online boutique full of eco essentials and natural baby gifts which your going to LOVE! We were lucky enough to check out a few of the fantastic products available from Avidiva which you can check out in this product review. We absolutely loved the products we tried out and they even fixed a little problem I have with my kids…

You’ll also love the special offer just for The World And Kids readers.

So let’s meet Caroline and find out a little more on how to do Thailand with an 8 month old.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family –

I’m Caroline and have a little boy, now 18 months, Alfie. We live in rural WA and love to travel! We’re originally from England, Hubby (Ben) and I moved over 6 years ago and haven’t looked back since. I’m a wahm running Avidiva, a handpicked baby boutique at I love sourcing natural and unique baby products and sending them off to new arrivals!!

What is a recent or favourite trip you’ve been on with your family?

One of our recent holidays was to Thailand (Alfie was 8 months old). We stayed there for 10 days, and to be honest wasn’t the most restful as we left with 2 teeth starting to emerge and came back home with 6!! Thanks Alfie!

The World And Kids Travel Interview Series

What type of accomodation did you stay in?

We stayed in an apartment on the coast. Had a fabulous pool looking right out onto the sea. Lots of local eateries nearby, massages on the beach, and of course markets!

The World And Kids Travel Interview Series

Share a travel tip for your destination –

Thailand is a great, fun, and colourful country to take any age of kid to! It’s pretty hot and humid though so I would recommend a little electric fan to clip to the pram or have on you just to keep the air moving ☺ Another must was the baby carrier as the pavements aren’t renowned for being so smooth!

What is a memorable moment on that trip?

Taking a stroll down the beach to a local café… Alfie in baby carrier, brolly in my hand to keep the shade on us (was so so hot!), all he wanted to do was grab the brolly so had to hold it up so high, my arms ached! Then a bunch of cowboys came by on their horses, galloping through the water! Honestly thought we were going to get knocked over… the look on Alfie’s face! On the plus side, the café was amazing… the best mango and sticky rice EVER, and the fluffiest banana pancakes!

Another highlight was a trip out to Hua Hin… we spent the day wandering the little cobbled streets, Alfie being pushed along in his pram. I even ducked off to get a pedicure (felt like such complete luxury, a bit of non-mummy time, and only a few dollars!) while Alfie and Daddy sat in a bar (much to the amusement of locals!), with fans pointing at them in all directions to get a bit of breeze and escape the humidity! We bartered at the local market and got Alfie a blow up little boat for the pool… not sure it would quite meet Aussie standards but we had him covered!!

The World And Kids Travel Interview Series

We were going to brave a tuc tuc but thought it wiser to stick with taxis with a little one strapped to us.

Otherwise we just spent most of our time strolling, sipping the BEST frozen drinks and iced coffees, and playing in the pool… Alfie’s very first experience of a waterslide! Made the most of Alfie’s naptimes by playing some cards overlooking the ocean, or taking it in turns to go and get a massage on the beach!

Show us your favourite photo from the trip –

The World And Kids Travel Interview Series

Share the best part about travelling with your family –

I love experiencing new places, cultures and mostly, cuisines! The best part is that we all get a break from reality have time for each other and can just enjoy doing the simple daily things! Alfie loves having his mummy and daddy around all day!

What tips do you have for families that want to travel?

Just do it! Try not to over think it! It won’t be the most restful, or relaxing but it will sure be memorable ☺ Life is much more exciting when you see it through kid’s eyes, plus you get an excuse to be a kid all over again!

Where to next?

We’ve got upcoming trips to France and England, then Portugal in August for my best friend’s wedding ☺ We’re from England so think it’s about time Alfie was introduced to the relatives, and we may as well make the most of Europe while we’re over that way!





Caroline has also been so kind to give The World And Kids readers a special 20% discount storewide when you spend over $50. To take advantage of this fantastic offer use the code TWA@AVIDIVA when checking out.*

*Offer valid until 30 Sept 2016.

If you have any questions about family travel to Thailand then please feel free to email me , comment below or join our Family Travel Group on Facebook.

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