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Travel Interview – Karen from Neapolitan Homewares and Lifestyle

I get asked so many questions about family travel but there is one question that is high up there on the ‘most common question list’. How can we be savvy when booking flights for a whole family?

Fair enough question I reckon. It adds up very quickly when your paying for 2 adults and 1-2-3+ kids!

There are many different ways to be savvy when booking flights but here is a tip that Karen from Neapolitan Homewares and Lifestyle took advantage of – piggyback your partners business trip! Now I know that not everyone has that opportunity but if you do then I say go for it! Take advantage of one flight being paid for and possibly accommodation too. While your at it, tag on another week so that your partner can actually spent time with you all.

Check out Karen’s story and be inspired buy a work/family holiday that may be possible for you too!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family –

Hi, I’m Karen! My husband, 3 kids and I recently relocated back to Sydney after 14 years living overseas. I decided to leave a regional corporate role to spend more time with the kids and hence got into Neapolitan Homewares and Lifestyle, an online store run from my home. Many of the brands are discovered during my travels so Neapolitan is an eclectic mix of unique and colourful items for your home and life!

What is a recent or favourite trip you’ve been on with your family?

A recent trip was travelling to the US – LA and San Francisco. It was actually a business trip for my husband but since it was school holidays, it also became a holiday. My husband took a week off before his work commitments and we did LA and then drove up to San Francisco. Whilst hubby was working, the kids and I explored San Francisco.

Neapolitan Homewares

What type of accommodation did you stay in?

In LA, we stayed in a Residence Inn, which is like a serviced apartment, near Disneyland. There is a small lounge and kitchen area so gave us more space than a hotel room. Plus there are laundry facilities – an essential when travelling with kids!

Share a travel tip for your destination –

LA is a very big city, instead of moving around to different hotels we stayed in one place and did day trips to the attractions.

What is a memorable moment on that trip?

Taking the kids to Disneyland! and driving up to San Francisco.


Share the best part about travelling with your family –

Sharing and experiencing new cultures and sights with the kids.

What tips do you have for families that want to travel?

Kids get tired and cannot be on the go all the time like an adult, so plan to have some downtime and breaks during the trip where they may spend a couple of hours in the morning / afternoon doing nothing or just playing in a park. Don’t plan a jammed pack agenda otherwise you may be disappointed and frustrated.


Where to next?

We would like to explore more of Europe.

Neapolitan Homewares

Website: Facebook Instagram

Karen has been so kind to give all of The World And Kids readers a 15% discount for all purchases with code: TRAVEL15

You’ll also find my review on one of the great travel products for kids here that you can buy at Neapolitan Homewares and Lifestyle.

If you have any questions about family travel to LA or San Francisco then please feel free to email me at, comment below or join our Family Travel Group on Facebook.

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