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Travel Interview – Nadja from Team BnB

Nadja and her husband have a long history of travel including backpacking around Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia for two years. After having kids and attempting to travel with them in tow they quickly realised this wasn’t their thing. Instead they chose their favourite travel destination in Australia and moved there permanently.

Brilliant idea! The best part is that along with her business partner, Melanie, she is making this destination all the more family friendly.

Enjoy this interview with Nadja and find out what her business has to offer for families. I know many of you will relate to her and you’ll be inspired to visit this stunning place if you haven’t already.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family –

I’m the co-owner of Team BnB an Airbnb management company servicing Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. My husband and I love travelling. We spent over two years backpacking through Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. In Africa, there were times where we had no other option to hitch hike, so obviously, that type of travel is out of the question now seeing that we have two young, independent girls.

Charli is four and Anya is nearly two. I don’t think I’m the first one to say that I hate travelling with kids but perhaps I’m one of the few that have made it public!  My kids are hard work at home. Taking them out of their comfort zone is risky business!

Not wanting to travel with the kids anymore but searching for a more laid-back lifestyle, made us decide to move to one of Australia’s top tourist destinations – Noosa, Queensland. Now we holiday every day, apart from when I’m managing properties on Airbnb (which consumes most of my time but I love it!).

Team BnB Noosa Travel Interview Series

What is a recent or favourite trip you’ve been on with your family?

Our kids have been on trips to New Zealand, Fiji, Vietnam, Germany, Italy and London. The most enjoyable destination has been to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. We loved it so much, we moved here.

What type of accommodation did you stay in?

Before moving to Noosa, we visited quite a few times. We’ve stayed in the RACV resort and in an Airbnb. Both were great.

The accommodation at the RACV was good because it really caters to kids. The pool is amazing and has two water slides. Most importantly though, cocktails (or mocktails) can be ordered to the pool area.

The holiday house that we rented through Airbnb felt like a home away from home and it was pet friendly. It was equipped with a kitchen, the girls had a room each and extras such as kayaks and stand up paddle boards were included. We loved it because we just had so much space – our own space. Our Airbnb holiday home in Noosa was much cheaper than the resort but both had their perks.

We’ve also enjoyed accommodation care of RACV in Hobart, Tasmania. To read our full review click here.

Team BnB Noosa Travel Interview Series

Share a travel tip for your destination –

There are so many things to do with kids in Noosa. Try to find accommodation that provides a cot, stroller and toys. Airbnb is a great start but there are also some good, family friendly resorts in Noosa.

If you are coming during peak holiday season (Christmas), book your accommodation way ahead. If going to Noosa main beach/Hastings Street everyday is important to you then try to get accommodation that is walking distance. It is near impossible to get into Hastings Street and find a car park during the Christmas season.

There are more affordable holiday homes just a 10-minute drive from Noosa. Try Peregian Beach or Sunshine Beach. Take advantage of the kids getting up early and go to main beach/Hastings Street before 8am. It’s cooler and you can usually find a park.

What is a memorable moment on that trip?

Going kayaking with Charli. It was a new experience for us all and seeing her so happy made us happy. She happily watched the little fish and sting rays swim underneath us. We made it a daily event, great exercise for us and some mindfulness for her.

Team BnB Noosa Travel Interview Series

Share the best part about travelling with your family –

Like I said, I don’t like travelling with young kids. Living in Noosa makes me feel like I’m on holidays all the time. In between managing Airbnbs, I take my kids to the beach, go stand up paddle boarding with them and walk through the National Park. I love seeing their mesmerized faces when they see a koala or lizard. I love seeing them happily chat to other beach goers and playing with other kids or just watching the little fish swimming in the ocean.

What tips do you have for families that want to travel?

All kids are different so what works for me may not work for you. Personally (and I have two very energetic and independent girls) I would avoid long haul flights for kids under two. Four hours is my max.

Your accommodation is so important. It needs to have a kitchen, room for the kids to play and a separate space for them to sleep. Staying in a one bedroom hotel is not fun with kids. You want to be able to still drink wine and chat with your partner knowing that you don’t have to tip toe around a cot.

I see some nice, family friendly Airbnbs in Noosa. Some provide cots, strollers and high chairs. Others have game consoles, Blu Rays, board games and books. Imagine not having to pack these things.

Where to next?

I really love Queensland and plan to explore it more. The Sunshine Coast has so much to offer so we plan to do some day trips here and there. I’m also planning a getaway with my husband (just ten minutes down the road in a beautiful hinterland Airbnb) while my parents in law are here.

Team BnB Noosa Travel Interview Series



This is my favourite holiday home for people with older kids. It’s really good value at the moment as it has only just been listed and has no reviews yet (but it’s booking out fast!) Check it out here


Thanks Nadja for your honesty about the challenges when it comes to travel with younger kids. I absolutely love that you now live like your permanently on holidays and offer a service to help share this magical part of the world with others!

As a part of my Family Travel Planning Service I am able to recommend that clients stay in an Air BnB if it the most suitable option and even choose the best one for you! For more information on my Family Travel Planning Service simply click here or send me an email.

If you have a great family travel story or travel related business that you would like to share with us then please get in contact as we would love to hear from you!

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